Graviton Lite 1.1

A tilting, physics based action puzzle game


  • Great gameplay
  • Good graphics
  • Nice SFX


  • Only one level


Graviton Free is a cool iPhone game that uses tilt controls to great effect, challenging you to pilot a craft around a obstacles, while towing a heavy 'energy sphere' to its destination.

This is a 2D game, rendered in beautiful 3D graphics. The look of the game is post apocalyptic, and all the animation and backgrounds are really nice. You can control your craft using an onscreen game pad, or simply by tilting it. The tilt control works excellently, and your ship has a great feel of inertia, accompanied by excellent clanging iron sound effects.

You can invert the controls, but otherwise you tilt in the direction you want to thrust, and have to keep tilting gently to hold your position. When you pick up the energy sphere, it adds complicating inertia to your movement. This is further complicated by magnetic fields, fire, lava and falling rocks.

Graviton Free is essentially a demo for the full version, and only gives you one level to play through. It's definitely enjoyable, and the game's physics are great, but it's sadly too short! If you like it, check out the premium version.

This is a nice update of the ancient Thrust concept, with excellent graphics, sound effects and a fantastic physics engine.

Minor improvements


  • Minor improvements


Graviton Lite 1.1

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